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REAL ESTATE – purchases, sales, mortgages, transfers, severance deeds

ESTATES – Wills, Powers of Attorney, Administering Estates

CORPORATE – Incorporation, Maintaining Minute Books, Amendments, Amalgamations, Share Purchases, Asset Purchases

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Do-It-Yourself Will Kits

While a do-it-yourself Will Kit may save you some money upfront, it does not provide you with sound legal advice. These standard forms may not include important clauses, such as a one that sets up a backup plan should everyone pass away at the same time. Many clients ask if a Will Kit is valid. Validity of a Will would need to be determined by a judge at a court hearing upon the review of evidence. This can cause delays in the administration of the estate and can ultimately cost more than what would be saved by not seeing a lawyer to have a Will done.

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